Fall Trend Shopping Guide

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri!! Tomorrow is FINALLY Friday!! Who else felt like their week dragged by?! But anyway, today’s post is a shopping guide for the latest fall trends. Scrolling through Pinterest, I was inspired to add some celeb shots! A lot of my style inspiration comes from Kendall Jenner, whether she is wearing sweatpants or a ball gown she manages to look fabulous! This post is a little something different, so I would love to hear your feedback! I hope this post inspires you to add some of this pieces to your closet! As always thank you so much for reading and just remember T-MINUS seven hours until FRIYAY! XO, MK

Velvet Booties

Spotted: Velvet booties on the runway of New York Fashion Week (NYFW). This fall , designers are head over heels (pun intended) for this soft, magical fabric and jewel toned colors. Check out Kendall Jenner strutting the streets in her midnight blue shoes. Velvet booties- the colorful, sassy accessory that adds elegance and attitude to any outfit.

booties collage

Shop this look! Silver Metallic Booties and Midnight Blue Impo Booties 

Decadent Sneakers

I am obsessed with this trend! If you read my piece Fall La La, yes I purchased a pair of decadent sneakers myself! And yes, I wear them all the time!! I love that the sneakers have such sassy designs! Forget about running a mile, sneakers are for style now! Just look at how Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez rock this rad trend!

Sneakers collage

Shop this look! Steve Madden Bee Sneaker and Puma Light Blue Sneaker

Oversized and Baggy

This look is casual, chic, and sporty. Pair an oversized sweater or sweatshirt with ripped jeans, leggings, or high boots! But, what I love about this look the most it that women still look beautiful and edgy, without wearing skin tight clothing. Sexy, yet simple. Check out my girl Kendall Jenner rocking a monochromatic black look.

sweater colllage

Shop this look! Oversized Black Sweater 

Jean Jackets

The trend that never dies. Denim. Jean jackets are taking the fashion world by storm. Ripped, light washed, iron on patches, floral, font, you name it! Pair with jeans (yes, denim on denim is totally in!!), leggings, a dress, or skirt- this look is beyond versatile. A jean jacket adds flare and makes any outfit runway worthy. BTW I need that jean jacket in the middle, ASAP!!

jean jaxkk

Faux Fur

This vintage inspired trend made a comeback down the NYFW runway. Faux fur adds a city street edge to any outfit. The cheetah print fur is a staple Jackie Onassis piece. Add it to your wardrobe ASAP!

fur collage

All celeb photoshoots taken from Pinterest 
Shop this look! White Faux Fur Coat and Cheetah Print Coat 

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