Seven Days One Sec #8

Hey babes! Welcome back! Happy Sunday!! How was everyone’s week!? I know that I say this every single post, but I feel like time is flying by! I want it to slow down, I need it to hit the brakes ASAP!! Everything is going by way too fast, there are only three more football games left. Only three more Thursday night pregame fires. Only three more nights under the lights cheering on my favorite football team. It makes my heart hurt that this season went by so fast. And gosh my schedule has had me all over the place, but thankfully it is slowing down now that the SATs are over with (pretty sure I crushed them!!). But anyway, I will stop blabbing your ear off and get right to it! Here’s a wrap up of my week! As always, thank you for reading beautiful people and conquer your week, oh and enjoy your Monday off!! XO, MK

10.2.17- Monday! Ugh. Gimme coffee. After school, I ran a few miles, and then later that night I tutored the sweetest girl in algebra!

10.3.17- I was in search of some adorable accessories for my senior pictures, so I dragged my sister and her bff to the new H&M that just opened in my area! Loved it there! Then, ran some more errands and homework! Blahhhh


10.4.17-SAT tutoring right after school! Then, after my best friend and I made cupcakes for the football team! (Lethal is a saying that all the footballs yell, don’t ask me why hahaha!)


10.5.17- Sat in Starbucks for over two hours and a did a timed practice SAT test, thankful that coffee is in my life!! Then of course, Thursday night pregame fire with my friends!!

10.6.17-Senior picture photoshoot by day (pics to be posted soon!), football game by night!

Outfit Details: Sweater- TJ Maxx, Earrings: H&M, Bracelets: Alex & Ani, Jeans: American Eagle, Bag: Michael Kors


10.7.17- Woke up at 6am, yes 6am, for the SATs!! Quick fun fact about myself: during the week I usually eat very healthy and try to avoid sweets, so every Saturday I usually have a cheat day! So for this week’s cheat day, I went for burritos with my bff.

10.8.17-Pumpkin painting with my mom and sister, I’m going to be posting about it later this week, so keep your eyes open babes!


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