Hi everyone! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! I am feeling serious Monday vibes right now, I need that extra cup of coffee ASAP… and maybe a quick nap. But anyway, in my last weekly wrap up “Seven Days One Sec #7,” I mentioned that I would be posting about a fashion show/silent auction event! So here we go! On Sunday I attended The Margery Scranton Council of Republican Women (MSCRW) Fashion Show and Silent Auction! I went with my friend Rachel, we had a blast!! The clothing for the fashion show was from The Dress Barn and The Loft. So let’s take a look at the runway pieces! Comment your favorites! Mine is the tan sweater vest in the fourth picture below!!

During an intermission, there was a speaker from the clothing chain Chico’s, who presented a small fashion lecture titled “10 Pieces- 10 Outfits.” I thought it was so cute! She talked about how every woman must own basic articles of clothing including a black tank top, a good pair of jeans, a black pencil skirt, a white blouse, and a few others. Side note: I agree!!

Overall, I had an amazing time! I loved that the women modeling had so much enthusiasm! I am defiantly going next year! Shoutout to Rachel for bringing me along!! As always, thanks so much for reading!! Oh and have an amazing week!! XO, MK

MSCRW of Lackawanna County Officers:

President: Lauren Cummings

Vice-President: Sharon Gerbert

2nd Vice President: Edwina Aston

Rec. Secretary: Kim Dematteo MacDonald

Corr. Secretary: Cheryl Scandale- Murnin

Treasurer: Fran Francis

Assistant Treasurer: Lynn Kokinda

PFRW President: Mary T. Barket

Regional Director: Laureen Cummings



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