Seven Days One Sec #7

Hi everyone!! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri!! I hope everyone had an amazing week!! Guess what today is!! (You probably already know) That’s right, its the first day of October! And the weather has finally cooled down. It’s no longer ninety degrees outside! I couldn’t take it anymore! Anyway, my week was jam packed- coffee, SAT prep, school assignments, and football season!!! Oh and there are only four more football games left! How crazy is that! I feel like my high school year is flying by! So before the waterworks start streaming, let’s look at my week! As always, thank you so much for reading, and conquer your upcoming week! XO, MK

9.25.17- Ran three miles after school and worked on some homework!!

9.26.17- SAT tutoring!!

9.27.17- This Friday was my high school’s BIGGEST rivalry football game of the season, so my friends and I went shopping to get the football player’s small gifts! We ended up making chocolate covered strawberries (we tried to make them look like footballs… Pinterest fail) and we bought these cute wooden numbers at AC Moore and painted them.

9.28.17- Gave the football player’s their gifts and had a traditional pre-game fire!!


9.29.17- Pep rally at school and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!! (You can probably tell I love football season!!) And I found some cool glitter on the sidelines!


9.30.17- Had to run a few errands and then lounged around my house for the day completing my homework assignments!

10.1.17-  Attended a fundraiser for the MSCRW Margery Scranton Council of Republican Women organization, I am going to be posting about it tomorrow!!


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