Hey lovelies!! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! I hope you all had an ah-mazing Monday! It is September 25th AND ITS ninety degrees outside! Say what? Well anyway, I am sitting in my living room soaking up the AC. But isn’t everyone? Inspired by the warm weather, I decided to run a few miles after school today, and boy was that an awful idea. I can’t feel my legs and an hour later, my hair is still drenched in sweat. I know, I know TMI. Today’s post is another small fall haul, but I don’t know if I will even be wearing these clothes if this weather stays so hot! But anyway, take a look! As always thank you for reading and conquer your week babes. XO, MK

Platform Sneakers from Target- How cute are these sneakers?! I love that they have a small heel and are covered with pearls and jewels. These look great with my school uniform!


Flower Embellished Booties from TJ Maxx- This is the first sneak peak at my senior picture wardrobe! I love how the blue and red accent each other against the light brown background. Pair with jeans or tights and a button down mini skirt!



Bell Sleeve Sweater from TJ Maxx – I was really drawn to this mint chocolate chip color! I have nothing like this in my closet, so of course I needed it! But I was a bit skeptical about the sleeves, I thought they might be to bulky or heavy. However, by my surprise the sweater is very light and flowy!

Black Sweater with Shoulder Detailing from TJ Maxx- While shopping, I was determined to find more casual tops/ sweatshirts to pair with leggings. I really l the metal/ ribbon detailing on the shoulder. This would look cute with patterned leggings.



Grey Flower Sweater from TJ Maxx- Yeah, so I might of went a little overboard at TJ Maxx, but this is adorable! I love the flower motif in the certain.



Patterned Pea Coat from Target- I really never buy anything navy blue/ greyish colored, but I fell in love with this. One of my school’s color is navy blue, so I thought this would be great to pair with school tee shirts for football games!


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