Law of Attraction: 8 SIGNS THE LOA IS WORKING

Hey babes! Welcome back!! Today’s post is apart of the Law of Attraction series and I know it’s been forever since I have posted about this topic! So like always I like to define the Law of Attraction (LOA) before diving in! So what it is? The LOA is the belief that like attracts like! Positive thoughts translate into positive and healthy lifestyle. What you believe you become. Visualization is key. Picture your goals and dreams and make them a reality.

Over the course of the last few months, I found myself asking, how do I know if the LOA is working? What things in my life have changed? But, it didn’t take long for me to realize just how much the LOA has impacted my life, and trust me, I am not stopping here! So, below is a list of signs that the LOA is working! I hope this list provides you with both comfort and reassurance! The power of positive thinking is pure magic. I complied this list based on my own experiences which are shared below with each sign as well! As always thank you so much for reading! Comment if you guys would like more posts in this series! XO, MK

  1. Abundance: Things seem to be setting into place. And things are constantly manifesting. Goals are slowly, but surely becoming a reality.
  2. Smiles and Sparkles: You are happy! Sounds simple enough. You smile at small things and laugh off things that use to bother you.
  3. Motivation: You have motivation to wake up early or go to the gym or complete a homework assignment a few days early.
  4. Organization: Organization is becoming a natural reflex. You write things down, that you normally wouldn’t. You are on time more frequently. And less forgetful.
  5. Gratitude: You are grateful! It could be small or big things. Friendship, a career, family.
  6. Less Indecisive: Sometimes decisions can be tricky, but you are sure of yourself and no longer are doubting your thoughts.
  7. Body Positivity: You are happy when you look at yourself in the mirror. You feel beautiful.
  8. Happy Thoughts: This goes hand and hand with number two, smiles and sparkles. But, negative thoughts are escaping your brain!



  1. Yes dear it is all true. When I try to explain LOA to my dear friends they ask me “what if it doesn’t work?” So I reply – it works but you have to have some faith. At least try it and you won’t regret it or loose something. The key is to be persistent and use affirmations which you believe are achievable. All 8 sighs you’ve pointed out are right. I could add the ability to feel your inner guidance. In the morning when I wake up and tell myself all affirmations and thank the Universe for being alive, I try to listen to the voice within. Amaisingly it is so clear as we all vibrate to the same energy in the creation. It is so simple we just have to find our ways. Thank you for the lovely post. You are definitely on the right way to the well being and prosperity. Enjoy 😀 smiles & hugs

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    1. Hi! You seem like such an amazing and inspirational person!! Thank you so much for reaching out, it means the world to me love!! And wow I am defiantly going to start stating affirmations in the morning! Hope you have an amazing day babe
      XO, MK


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