Seven Days One Sec #5

Hey loves, welcome back! You know what day it is! Sunday, so of course that means a Seven Days One Sec post! This was my first FULL week of school, and yes I made it out alive! In all honesty, my week flew by. On Monday I was a little nervous because the school day seemed to be dragging by, but in a blink of an eye it was Friday! I have made the law of attraction part of my everyday routine, and I have never been happier. I wake up with a smile on my face, and this is coming from a girl who has never been a morning person. Don’t worry babes a new law of attraction post will be up this week. And I know, I know, I always talk about the same thing in my wrap up, senior year! It’s just so weird!! It is so BITTERSWEET. My one leg is stretched out the door, eager for new adventures, new people, new experiences, and new. My other leg is wrapped around my best friend, begging her to not let go, begging her to never let go. Enough chit chat, let’s look at my week! And as always I appreciate each and every one of your beautiful souls. XO, MK

9.11.17- Coffee. Another coffee. School. It was my sister’s sixteenth birthday, but we celebrated it with my family on Sunday! I also went to the gym and caught up on my reading while pedaling away on the stationary bike! BTW Girl Boss is the best book ever, you need to read it ASAP!


9.12.17- Went to Zumba after school, then a few hours of homework (no big deal!! casual eye roll), and did some late night blogging!


9.13.17- Worked after school!! Ugh. Blah. Work.

9.14.17-SAT tutoring! Preparing for the October SATs

9.15.17- You already know what I am going to say! Three words. Friday Night Lights!! I found some inspiration at the game as well! Look at these gorgeous cheerleaders rocking the latest beauty trend- glitter freckles!  Their faux freckles are a sparkly statement! Oh and check out their lip color, I am so obsessed!



9.16.17- Had work all day!! Then, hung out with my best friends!

9.17.17- Forget lazy Sunday! My Sunday was jam packed! Started my day off at the gym, went to the Calendar party at the high school (Side note: The calendar party is a fundraiser at my school for the marching units, each table is a different month Jan-Dec, and then the table is decorated to match the month!! Oh and there are SO many raffle baskets, but of course I didn’t win!), and homework and some more homework, and just a little bit more homework

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