Nike’s New Chrome Blush Collection

Hey my pink ladies!! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! In case you didn’t hear, Nike just dropped a new Chrome Blush Collection, which includes all things pink!! I saw that Nike released this line while reading an article from Elle Magazine. I was so excited! I am a total gym fanatic and a lover of pink, so why wouldn’t I crave everything from this collection!? But what I love the most is that all the are millennial pink, which is literally all the rave in the big and bad world of fashion. What exactly is millennial pink? Well, The Guardian describes it as ” a grapefruit shade of apricotty salmon.”  But technically this color, is pink with the blue taken out of it according to authors at Glamour Magazine. Others describe this shade as a salmon color or rose gold. What’s your opinion? Who would of thought that a color could be such a controversial topic! But, I admire the millennial pink. The shade is sweet, elegant, sophicasted, so innocent, yet sassy at the same time. It pairs great with shades of grey, black, and white. Enough chit-chat , let’s take a look at Nike’s new collection!

FontCandy (25)

  1. Nike Indy Cooling– I love Nike sports bras!! I think that they are very comfortable and supportive, and of course who doesn’t want a pink sports bra. The straps at the top also have cut outs, how cute!
  2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Metallic Canvas Low Top– I am a converse addict and I am so obsessed with this rose quartz like color metallic shoe.
  3. Nike Classic Swoosh– A girl can never have enough sports bras!!!
  4. Nike Dualtone Racer– Can I have these like ASAP? Love all the shades of pink!
  5. Nike Epic Lux 2.0– How cool are these running leggings? I only have one pair of Nike leggings, which are black, but I completely love them! They are so comfy and great for running in colder weather. This pattern is to die for!! It reminds of a galaxy pattern with a sophicasted twist.
  6. Nike Air Max Thea Ultra Flyknit– Want. Need. Love. Can a girl really ever have enough sneakers?
  7. Nike Breathe Long Sleeve– I really love this top! I barley own any long sleeve work out shirts so I would love to have this!! It looks so comfy and I love the detailing around the elbow area of the sleeve.
  8. Nike Breathe Tank Top- In love with this color!! But, it gets better the back is open!!!



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