Seven Days One Sec #4

Hey babes! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! I AM SO SORRY!! I feel like I am failing right now at blogging! I have been so busy with back to school, but don’t worry that’s about to change! I am dedicated to making Mackenzie Kateri the best it can be!! And then some! So, what’s new ladies! Me, I am officially a senior!! So weird to say… weirder to type. I am so excited. In all honesty, I was nervous the first day of school. It’s weird to think that I run the school! I am the oldest one walking the halls. Say what!? But anyway, let’s look at my week, this weekly wrap up is going to be a bit shorter, just because I was school and not out shopping and adventuring (ugh!!). But, this week’s blogging will be back to schedule! As always thanks for reading! I hope everyone has a great week!

9.4.17-Worked most of the day! Blah

9.5.17-Ran some last back to school errands! I needed to pick up my favorite foundation- Naked by Urban Decay!!


9.7.17- School and more school. And a little bit of blogging, check out my piece Styling School Season!

9.8.17- Friday Night Lights! Obsessed with football season!

9.9.17- Worked all day then went to my high school’s local hangout spot with my besties!

9.10.17- It was my sister’s birthday, she loved the gift that I got her! I got her a cute hat from Charottle Russe, chokers, lip glosses, a candle, and a few smaller things! Oh and this adorable picture frame from TJ Maxx. And the rest of the day was dedicated to homework and lounging around the house.


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