Seven Days One Sec #3

Hey everyone!! It’s already week three in my Seven Days One Sec series! Drum-roll please!! This Wednesday I start my senior year!! It’s a bittersweet feeling. On one hand I am jumping for joy, I am so excited to find out what the future holds in store. Then, on the other hand, I want to stay in my bedroom and cry. Why am I going to be ripped away from all of my friends in less than a year?? Why do I have to know what I want to be when I grow up, when I am ONLY 17?? My answer to all these questions, one word- UGH. But anyway, I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s take a look at my week, which was filled with last minute summer adventures and fun, oh and of course a little bit of shopping. As always, thanks for reading. XO, MK

8.28.17- Went to a cool smoothie place that is about a half an hour from my house!! You can mix any fruits you want, I got strawberry and pineapple, and my sister got strawberry kiwi.


8.29.17-In my area it’s five dollar movie Tuesday!! So I went with my friends to see Kidnap, and oh my gosh!! Best movie ever!!


8.30.17- Ran to the farmers market for some romaine lettuce and eggs!

8.31.17-Shopping for my sister’s birthday gift and few fall pieces, check them out in my piece Small Fall Haul. These boots were one of my favorite items!!


9.1.17-Wait. It’s September!! And three words.. Friday Night Lights!!!


9.2.17-I had work all day Saturday, then at night I just hung out with my friends. One of out summer nights all together!

9.3.17-Lazy Sunday! Lounging around the house with my fam and yes my cat, and blogging.



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