Small Fall Haul

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! Today’s post is a small fall haul.. say that five times fast!! If you can’t tell by now, I am kind of well, obsessed with fall fashion. And, that might be an understatement. So, before I head back to school next Wednesday, I have been searching for the cutest fall outfits at the mall! This will probably be one of many fall hauls!! But anyways loves, I hope you enjoy and as always thank you for reading! XO, MK

Red faux leather jacket from Forever 21 ($22): So obsessed with this jacket! If you read my piece Add Some Edge Wish List, yes this was on it! I couldn’t resist! I am going to pair this with a graphic tee, black jeans, and black or silver booties.

Front lace up sweater from American Eagle ($44.95): How cute is this! It’s so comfy, but can be dressed up. I also adore the heather grey to dark grey transition.


Light pink lace up sleeve sweater from TJ Maxx ($19.99)- First, I love the color of this sweater. Second, I love the sleeves!!! I wore this to last week’s football game and it looked so cute with jeans and booties!! Leggings or jeans.. it doesn’t matter, this sweater always makes a statement.

Ribbon sleeve white sweater from TJ Maxx ($16.99)- Okay, okay, last sweater I promise! Once again, I am obsessed with the sleeves on this sweater.

Pale pink booties from Charottle Russe ($20.00)- I love that these booties have a thicker heel. And $20!! What a steal!


Leggings from Forever 21 ($3.90)- Can a girl ever have enough leggings?? The answer- heck no! Next question, can any girl resist a pair of leggings for less than $4.00? Heck no!!



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