3 Ways to Style a Leather Jacket

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! I am beyond excited for today’s post! Soooo… Let’s get to it!! Jackets are essential to fall fashion! I thought  I would pick one of my favorite fall jackets and show you how I style it! My black biker jacket is from Aero! I got it on Black Friday last year, so it was pretty cheap! I love leather jackets. I think that they add edge and definition to any outfit. The outfits that I paired together all are worn with the same pair of jeans (American Eagle) and white high-top converse, but they can be transformed into an evening look too! I would pair booties with any of these outfits. Oh, and defiantly red lipstick. Take a look!

Graphic Tee and Statement Necklace

So obsessed with this look! It’s so easy, yet so fashionable. Oh and this graphic tee… More Issues Than Vogue, how cute!! I wear this necklace a lot, it looks great with any outfit.

Tee: JC Penny, Necklace: Charottle Russe, Purse: Payless

Sweet and Simple Turtleneck

I wear this turtleneck a lot, so you’ve probably have seen it in a lot of photos! I just love the color of it , it goes with anything! The leather jacket instantly adds definition to the simple outfit.

Turtleneck: Aero

Solid Tee and Scarf

Can it get any easier?? A solid color tee shirt and scarf! Add a colorful or sparkly pair of booties to add attitude and sass. Oh and look at the belt I added! I love it!

Tee: American Eagle, Scarf: Aero, Belt: Rue21


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