Seven Days One Sec #2

Hey babes! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri. It’s week two of Seven Days One Sec, which is a short and sweet weekly wrap up. Not much has changed since last week. Same old, same old, summer reading and preparing for my senior year of high school! I can’t believe that summer is almost over, time flies by anymore! Oh and how could I forget.. it’s football season (so that means adorable fall fashion) !! Let’s take a look! XO, MK

8.21.17- Finished Hamlet! It was about time! I am finally done with my summer reading!! My work included reading The Awakening, Aristotle on Tragic Character, Sigmund Freud On The Oedipus Complex, Sophocles Oedipus the King, Antigone, and yes, Hamlet. Then, I had to write reflective logs on each reading and a essay describing the feminist qualities of The Awakening. I know, talk about a fun filled day.

8.22.17-After a long day of school work on Monday, I took a break on Tuesday! I did some blogging, went to Starbucks with my sister, of course I got my regular an Americano, and visited a local pet shop, The Pet Palace! How cute is that kitten!


8.23.17-Finished up my back to school shopping!! My back to school haul will be posted this week! Check out these cute sneakers I got at DSW/ Rocket Dog… brace yourself only 15 dollars!!


8.24.17- Went to my high school to help the Riverside Marching Units practice their half time show!! Later I went to a pre- Friday night football party with senior cheerleaders and football players! So weird being a senior, I feel like a was a freshman five minutes ago!!

8.25.17- Friday night lights!! Go vikes!

Sweater: TJ Maxx, Necklace: Charottle Russe, Earrings: American Eagle, Jeans: American Eagle, Booties: Rue21

8.36.16- Lazy Saturday!! Netflix, blogging, and made tie-dye tee shirts with my sister!

8.27.26- Ran three miles in morning, loved the crisp air! Went to Panera for lunch with my sister and  mom! Then just ran some errands!


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