What’s In My Bag?

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! Today were going to be looking at what’s in my bag!! I always watch YouTube videos and read blogs about this topic, so I thought it was my turn to share! It is a great time for this post because my purse is so organized for back to school!! But, trust me, that won’t last long!! Now, before we look at what’s inside my bag, let’s look at my bag!! I am so obsessed with the light pink color and gold tooling. I usually wear it in the crease of my arm, but it can also be worn as a cross body. Also, on the bottom of the purse are four gold legs to ensure the bottom of the purse will not get dirty when placed on the ground. The bag has four pockets and one zippered pouch. I usually toss money and other small items like gum or chapstick in there! Comment necessities that you always keep in your purse!!! I would love to know!



Now, let’s take a look inside!! XO, MK


What??! More bags?? Yes. More bags. The cheetah print bag is from Kate Spade. Inside of it I store hand sanitizer, my lip color of that day (photographed is Gabby from Buxom, my favorite gloss ever!!), and a travel size perfume from Victoria Secret. I have to buy a travel size bottle of Advil to add to my bag as well!! The white pencil case is from TJ Maxx, only $4.99! And inside of it I keep all of my pens, pencils, and highlighters. I actually just started keeping a pencil case in my purse this year. Normally I just keep them in the bottom of my purse, of course that caused many many many ink stains!!


Next, my wallet and sunglasses. The metallic gold wallet is from Kate Spade. I love it so much!! It has a slot for my license, which is so convenient. Also, my sunglasses are from Jessica Simpson. You know what they say, the bigger, the better. And these glasses are huge. They remind me of Jackie O’Donnell, that’s one of the reasons I love them so much! Also, they’re great for when you have to run errands, and not in the mood to do eye makeup.

Now here are some necessities that I keep in the side pockets! A hair brush/ mirror combo and tissues!! I love these tissues, I actually got them from Pier 1! And the hair brush/ mirror is from Forever 21… how cute are those cats!!


And lastly, my day planner! That’s a given… this thing is practically glued to my side! Oh and my car keys!! But, I’m always losing them! (Currently lost at the time of this photoshoot.)



6 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag?

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