Seven Days One Sec #1

Hey babes! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! I’m beyond excited to start a new series titled “Seven Days One Sec,” which is exactly what it sounds like- a quick and brief summary of my week! Still new to the world of blogging, I noticed that a lot of bloggers post weekly wrap-ups, so I decided to hop on the bandwagon. My week was completely consumed with summer reading, school shopping, and developing a new blogging schedule (and endless cups of coffee)! Where does the time go! In a blink of an eye it will be September! I hope everyone has an amazing week!

8.13.17-  Started off the morning with an intense spin class and a protein shake. Then, I headed down to my high school to help the Riverside Marching Units with their field show performance.

8.14.17- Two words. Summer Reading. I finished The Awakening and wrote a lengthy paper about the proto-feminist novel.


8.15.17- Inspired by Styled By Mckenz’s awesome blogging advice, I devised a new blogging schedule and brainstormed new ideas. Then, I started a corkboard DIY I found on Pinterest in my room! I am obsessed.


8.16.17-Dragged my sister to the farmers market to pick up Romaine lettuce, pure honey, eggs, and produce. We noticed a new stand that was selling energy healing crystal amulets, which were gorgeous!

8.17.17-Back to summer reading. I “enjoyed” Hamlet by the pool.

8.18.17-Ran to the mall to pick up the last of my best friend’s birthday gift! The gift card is a chalkboard, how cute is that!


8.19.17-Cheered on the Riverside Vikings football team at their first scrimmage! My “last-first” football game as a senior! Geez, where does the time go? But, I am so excited for Friday night football games, and a chance to sport my fall wardrobe!


8.20.17- Took some photos for a fall fashion piece I am working on (here’s a sneak peak!) and did some more back to school shopping at the Tannersville outlets with my sister who’s pictured below! I am in love with my new purse, but my wallet isn’t so thrilled.

Jeans: American Eagle, Graphic tee: American Eagle, Drape Suede Jacket: Romeo + Juliet Couture, Necklace: TJ Maxx, Purse: Michael Kors

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