Don’t Burst My Bubble

The first day of school is right around the corner. So of course this means notebooks and pens and pencils and folders and binders…did I forget anything? Oh yeah! The most important of all Red Bubble stickers. In case you aren’t familiar with the website Red Bubble, it offers unique products designed by independent artists such as phone cases, home décor (throw pillows and mugs), stationary, tee-shirts, and best of all stickers! The stickers are used decorate laptops, notebooks, reusable water bottles and well, anything really. I ordered a bunch of new stickers last week and they just came into today! Take a look my haul!


Reasons I love Red Bubble stickers: they reflect your personality and they brighten up any plain notebook (because let’s face it five subjects usually come in three colors- black, red, and blue). My favorite sticker is the gold Girl Boss! Comment your favorite! But what’s best of all, Red Bubble always sends you a complementary sticker with your order!


Here’s the link! Buy any 4 and get 25% off! Buy any 10 and get 50% off!

I’ll be sure to post pics when I decorate my notebooks!! As always thanks for reading!


A Red Bubble addict

aka MK, XO

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