Law of Attraction: Positive Planning

Hey babes!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Today’s blog is the first post in my Law of Attraction Series!!

So let’s get down to business!! As I mentioned in a previous post, the Law of Attraction, is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. So the idea that “like attracts like.” Positive attracts positive. While, negative attracts negative. But this series strictly focuses on the positive!!

Today’s topic: positive planning!! Has anyone ever heard of a vision board? Well in case you haven’t, vision boards are a sacred space that an individual displays his/her goals and dreams. For example if my goal is to lose weight, in my bedroom I might have a poster board with magazine cutouts and pictures of women working out, healthy foods, and positive quotes! So now that that’s taken care of…I had this idea to combine my vision board and my day planner! Say what? That’s right- take a look.


I played around with magazine cutouts and stickers to create the look I wanted!! And another great thing I love about my new planner is that it has cute saying and positive words as dividers (pictured above!!). Below are the rest of the pages for September! Still have to fill in dates! One of my goals is to be featured in Teen Vogue (they have a contest called LIT CLUB, for young writers!!) so in the second photo I have a clipping of the poem that one last month!!



So what do you guys think!! Do you like the Law of Attraction series! Comment your thoughts below! As always thanks for reading!!


A positive planner

aka MK, XO



6 thoughts on “Law of Attraction: Positive Planning

  1. I have been reading and practicing the LOA here lately, so yes I love your series. Thank You so much. I’m going to make a vision board and now that I’ve seen your awesome planner in considering it as well. Thank You For your help in the positive changes in making inn my life.

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