Beginner’s Guide to Healing Stones & The Law of Attraction

Hey babes!! Hope everyone had an amazing and productive Monday! Jk… a productive Monday, that’s an oxymoron. Today’s blog is something new. I’m going to talk about healing stones and their meaning! Also, I’ll chat a little bit about the Law of Attraction (L.O.A). A lot of this material is influenced by my favorite lifestyle You-Tuber Sam Ozkural (go check her out!!!).

Healing Stones balance and revitalize your energy.

Amethyst– promotes peace and removes negative energy (my favorite!!)


Aventurine– good for luck and money, eliminates sad emotions

Sodalite– good for creativity and deep thinking


Agate– increases energy and relieves fatigue

Crystal Quartz– good for meditation and diseases


Rose Quartz– brings love and confidence

Tiger Eye– good for traveling and brings energy

Obsidian– provides protection and balance, good for fortune and prosperity

Orange Calcite– balances emotions and removes fear

Unakite– promotes self-awareness and self-love

Dalmatian Jasper– encourages family loyalties, unity, and strength

Hematite– promotes courage, and strength


What exactly is the law of attraction? To break it down- its basically means “like attracts like.” Well what does that mean? It means that if you focus on something…you’re going to achieve it. So if my goal is to lose twenty five pounds and I set my mind to it- I will achieve it. Because well, like attracts like.

I will make it a priority to reach my goal. I will go the gym. I will eat healthy. And because I have positive thoughts, I will have a more positive lifestyle. The law of attraction is transforming thoughts and goals into things.

But anyway that was a brief breakdown of what the law of attraction actually isSo what are your thoughts!? Would you guys like it if I start a law of attraction series?! Comment below!

As always thanks for reading !


A firm believer of L.O.A.

aka MK, XO




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