Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I noticed a lace up tee DIY project posted by Seventeen Magazine. It seemed so easy and cheap. I needed to try it…ASAP! So, the next day I headed out to the thrift store to get a cool tee shirt. The DIY doesn’t require a lot of materials, most of them you probably have laying around your house. A tee shirt. Marker. Scissors. And a shoe lace. Easy enough, right?


After I had the perfect tee shirt, I started by marking the cutout in the center of the neckline.

Next, I marked holes on the outside of the newly cutout V shape. You can make anywhere from four to six holes. On this shirt, I chose to make only four holes because the V wasn’t too deep. The, grab that shoelace, and lace the shirt up like a shoe.


You’ll be amazed with the final product! Yes, you just upcycled a ratty old tee shirt. Yes, it only took you ten minutes. And yes, it cost you less than three dollars (the shirt I bought was only .99 cents!). But, you don’t have to stop there! There are so many more ways you can customize your tee shirt. You can spray it with bleach or add lace trim to the bottom. Comment any other ideas babes! I cannot wait to wear my new lace up tee. I might pair it with a jean jacket and high top converse. I might even wear it to the gym. Does anyone else have any cute outfit ideas… comment!



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