Farmers Market Season


When most people think of this season, they picture pool days and tan lines. They fantasize about long walks down the sandy beach. But me, I image long walks through the farmers market. Being born and raised in a small, small town, you eventually find out that there isn’t a lot to do besides drive around or go for ice cream. So, to me the farmers market is a something different, it’s like a breath of fresh air…because trust me, driving around and going for ice cream gets old. Did I mention my town is small? But anyway, I enjoy the farmers market because it’s so peaceful and each vendor offers a variety of different produce, flowers, and homemade goods such as jam or granola. Yesterday was the grand opening of my local farmers market, so of course I made an appearance. I even dragged my fifteen year old sister with me, who wasn’t so thrilled to be there… mainly because I made her carry my bags of vegetables and flowers. But I bought her a cup of fresh apple cider, so we’re even.

So what did I get at the farmers market? I bought a carton of small tomatoes, mini cucumbers, zucchini, peaches, and a few sunflowers. What do you guys buy at the farmers market?



Thanks for reading! Head out to your local farmers market!



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