Denim Upcycle


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One man’s trash is another’s man treasure. To one person an object is worthless. To another, the object is valuable. While shuffling through the jean racks at my local thrift store, I stumbled upon a pair of Levis – size W48, L30. The jeans were large, heavy, and old. But, I had a vision for the abandoned pants. The man at the cash register was confused.. probably wondering why a five foot girl was buying a ten pound pair of jeans. As soon as I got home, I started my first upcycling project. I was eager to create something new and beautiful. After some a lot of stitching, slicing, and yes sweating, I was proud of the final result.

Aviary Photo_131444701100071167

Shoutout to my sister Madison for modeling the skirt! It fit her like a glove! Now let’s talk about the design of the skirt. I didn’t have a plan … I just starting cutting (probably not the best idea)! Sewing denim… that’s a challenge just itself. I ended up cutting the one pant leg in half, then sewing the top and bottom part of the pant together. The zipper and button from the jeans are in the front of the skirt. And my favorite part is the back! I love the one pocket look and the Levi tag sticking out. On the right hip is the front jean pocket. I also love that one side of the skirt is longer than the other!!

Aviary Photo_131444718901687416Aviary Photo_131444719165023360


Always be confident in yourself! Never doubt your ideas or capabilities!



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