What’s Halo Top? Well for starters… my new obsession and my new midnight snack. Halo Top is a light ice cream newly introduced to local grocery stores including Price Chopper and Walmart. It is low in calorie and sugar, but high in protein! The brand has a wide variety of flavors as well- Red Velvet Cake, Birthday Cake, S’mores, Cookies and Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate, Vanilla, and many more. I saw Oatmeal Cookie in the freezer section too…I’m defiantly going to grab it next time I drop by the store, after all ice cream is a summer necessity.


Not only does the ice cream taste great, but it has super cute, funny saying when you remove the lid! Comment your thoughts on the ice cream!!


4 thoughts on “HALO TOP

  1. Omg this ice cream containers have me sold!!! Their too funny and clever! I always see them in the grocery store but haven’t actually put them in my cart yet. Next trip, one of them is coming home with me 🙂

    xo, JJ

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    1. Aahh! So excited for you to try it girl !! They are a little more expensive than Ben& Jerry’s or Turkey Hill, but totally worth it! If you like them there are a ton of coupons online for the brand 🙂

      XO, MK

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