Five Ways to Stress Less

Ah Summer, the season of relaxation. But, if you’re anything like me, relaxation is practically impossible. I would classify myself as a type A worry wart, who needlessly worries about everything. So how do I stress less?

Cycling Class

I attend cycling classes at least a few times a week at my gym. And yes, I always try to go to the earliest class possible… to get it over with. How would I describe cycling class? One word- sweaty. That’s right bring an ice cold water and a sweat towel. The classes are intense and interactive, but after the forty-five minute session you’ll feel detoxed, stress-free, and ready to face whatever the world throws at you.


Yes, another form of exercise that is key to a healthy, stress-free lifestyle. Summer is not only my favorite season because of a few months off from school, but because I get to run outside everyday. The smell of the fresh air and the summer sun beating on my skin is both relaxing and peaceful.


I bet you never thought you’d hear that one. Cleaning to de-stress? No really! It actually works! Clean out your closet or dresser drawers. Sometimes throwing away an old or pair of jeans is a simple, yet meaningful beginning to a new mindset.

Late Night Car Rides

I love late night car rides (too bad my license expires at 11pm). It doesn’t matter if you are driving or the passenger – a drive is the perfect solution to a stressful day.

Pool Time

Whether you sit by the pool and get a tan or cannonball into the deep end, pool time is necessary. Some days I’ll lay by the pool and read books. Some days I’ll swim twenty laps. Both is “me time.”





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